CMO auditing has two distinct thrust areas:

  1. First and second party audits

    a) Safety and health, productivity, environmental, quality and/or social audits

    This relates to provision of technical first party and second party auditing to the forest and forest products industry. Such audits may include any one or more of the five of the key performance areas of forestry, namely;

    CMO refers to the above 5 key performance areas as the SPEQS of forestry. Such audits can be conducted to review own operations as well as contractor operations.

    b) FSC Group Scheme audits

    First party audits include internal audits for FSC Group schemes. Such audits can include the updating of the group scheme documentation.

  2. Third party audits

    The second leg of CMO auditing focuses on the conformance standards on the international front We have identified several high profile conformance standard experts around the world who are now associates of the company. CMO has also been actively involved in Legality Assurance Systems in Africa over the past few years.

    The international leg of CMO auditing includes the following:

    • Providing Forest certification auditing capacity to certification bodies around the world
    • Providing capacity building services to developing countries that are implementing legality systems in collaboration with the European Union, such as the FLEGT action plan.
    • Providing independent monitoring services to counties who are implementing or have implanted a Legality assurance system through the signing of a voluntary partnership agreement with the European Union.
    • Providing auditor training for certification schemes such as FSC and PEFC. This training uses an e-learning platform, combined with classroom training, to optimise costs and time in the development of competent auditors – the so-called blended training approach.
    • Development and implementation of international conformance-based forestry standards throughout the world.
      Field testing of conformance standards