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CMO’s vision is to constantly improve forestry and natural resource competencies globally. We believe that one of keys of unlocking this vision lies in cutting edge software solutions that converts data into intelligence. We know how to convert our 400-person years of experience into simple, effective and easy-to-use technology-driven tools for the forester. Simplicity is the key.

Our software solutions are focused on converting data into useful information that is used for improved forest planning, monitoring and continuous improvement in safety, productivity, the environment, product quality and social responsibility.

CMO Group Schemes.

We have completed phase 1. A solution to  to successfully manage small growers in forestry. Where they also require certification, such as FSC, the tool allows for fast, effective and problem free roll out of forest certification solutions.  Phase 1 is complete and the next two phases will take the product to finality by July 2019.

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We have already developed and successfully implemented our first beta version that allows for performance improvement through consistent assessment of people, machines and materials. This is unique in its application.

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We have developed the concept solution for the development of a management tool to allow for continuous performance improvement (safety, productivity, environment, quality, social) through systematic planning, implementing, measuring and corrective action. The whole solution is based on risk mitigation related to all 5 performance areas mentioned above.

Fire Risk Management System (FRMS).

The FRMS software solution already exists in a programme that was rolled out a decade ago by CMO. As extreme weather patterns continue to occur throughout the world, increasing the risk of devastating fires, this tool will be rewritten by our current software partners to launch in 2020.


A risk register and incident management platform that supplies management with a tool to handle companywide risks, improved investigations, understand root cause for incidents and linking incidents to risk registers.


Performance in productivity remains a challenge in forestry operations.  CMO will develop and model productivity standards that will place long- medium- and short-term targets for forestry activities at the fingertips of the forester.


Forest management planning tools currently on the market are complex, user unfriendly and very expensive. CMO is developing management planning software that will fill the void that exists to service small to medium forest enterprises. This will include very small out growers to forest owners of up to about 50 000ha.


This is a timber traceability system that is built on state-of-the-art technology to fill the void of supplying the market with a simple, effective and credible timber traceability solution.

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